Immaterial, Bullseye Projects, Portland, OR, March 16 - June 1, 2019

Bullseye Projects presents a solo exhibition by Emily Endo, exploring the body, fluidity, purification, and beauty. Immaterial will be on view March 16 - June 1, 2019. Join the artist for the opening reception, Saturday, March 16, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m

Immaterial, Emily Endo's second solo exhibition at Bullseye Projects, continues the artist's interest in the intersection between science and mysticism. This intersection manifests in the myriad myths and stories that have historically been used to explain natural phenomena. In her previous work, Endo turned her attention to outward change, the transformation of the environment in particular. For Immaterial, Endo looks inward, incorporating the female form and elements of body modification, referencing both the inevitable change of the self through time and yearning for metamorphosis and transcendence.

Water Baby (Fountain) (2018), consists of a hollow, transparent cast-glass female bust. Vibrant blue liquid dribbles out of the mouth of the figure, pooling in the base from which the form emerges. The colored, lightly scented, liquid transmits an ethereal glow through the glass and onto the shining platinum blond hair that frames the face and cascades down the back of the pedestal. "In my recent work," says Endo, "the fragmented body, beautification, and corporeal self-expression intersect with fantasy and idealized representations of the female body, creating references to ancient and modern rituals of purification as a means to simultaneously celebrate the body and transcend its materiality."

Immaterial is an extension of Endo's recent exhibition Water Baby; both exhibitions were funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Bullseye Projects
300 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, Oregon, 97209